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Our wonderful Dealers are ready to assist you with your custom PHT Products order! 

They also have In-Stock items and special inventory only available to them.

Thank you for supporting PHT Products and our Dealers!

Ethelyn Churchwell

Black Cat PEMF

Robbins, NC

(910) 703-0152


Brooke Solomon

Fithorse by Equatics Fitness Center

Kingsville, TX

(361) 522-0554

Fallon Jordan

Fallon Jordan Performance Horses

Seminole, TX

(575) 942-8791

Michelle Dahl

Katie's Coast to Coast

Dayton, OR

(503) 434-3976


Kristy Maxwell

K&N Equine Solutions

(954) 445-3356

Weatherford, Tx

Nancy Maxwell

K&N Equine Solutions

(954) 445-3359

West Palm Beach, FL

Leanin Pole Arena

749 Hwy 22

Killdeer, ND 58640


Sarah Gatwood

Performance Equine

Hattiesburg, MS

(601) 597-1363

Haley Scheer

Milsap, TX

Kristin Dunn

KT PEMF Performance

Terrell, TX

(903) 802-0406


Ashley DeLorme

Performance Horse Plus

Stillwater, OK

(405) 473-7796


Megan Skinner Pine

Revelation Ranch Performance Horse Supply

Dandridge, TN

(423) 329-3781


Ann-Marie Fenner
Rad Rodeo
Lovelock, NV
(775) 544-2466

Darian Raupers
New River, AZ
(607) 346-4493

Connie Dove

Runnin Dove Tack and More

Green Ridge, MO

(660) 221-1076


MaKayla Leeman

The Tack Stop

Anson, ME

(207) 399-2810

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